“A New Way Out”

Prison Ministry Outreach

Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated has been carrying on a vigorous prison and correctional facility outreach from the very moment of its founding.  The following are examples, among others, of work already done.

As in every educational project we undertake, the main thrust of Freedom Ranch Maui Prison Outreach is to reach individual inmates and groups of inmates who are still suffering from the terrible curse of alcoholism and other addictions.

What We've Done

  • Through the generosity of a Maui benefactor, and with the cooperation of the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii, forty key Alcoholics Anonymous spiritual history books were distributed to each of the state of Hawaii's twelve correctional facilities.  The benefactor's donation also enabled distribution of twenty two key books to Chaplain Entz for the Federal Transfer Facility in Okalahoma City.  Also twelve key books to the chapel at that facility.  Also twelve key books to Chaplain Maloney for a Federal Correctional Facility in Maryland.  Six books were requested by, and sent to, Religion Online for reproduction of the entire books as they chose.  Twelve books, four each were requested by and distributed to three different inmates.

  • Through the generosity of a New Jersey benefactor and with the cooperation of Hawaii's Lieutenant Governor, an additional sixty books went out to Hawaii's twelve correctional facilities: and a further twenty four books were sent to the same twelve facilities.  Seventeen key books were requested by and delivered to the Federal Correctional Facility in New England.

  • A donation by Dick B. was made to Pastor Ed Gazman,  who does specific personal prison outreach at the Maui Correctional Center.  Two boxes of key books were given to Pastor Ed and used by him for his outreach ministry.

  • All the foregoing distributions of spiritual recovery were free to the recipient and the result of seven different benefactor contributions made by people in Hawaii, New Jersey, Manhattan Beach California, South Carolina, Woodland California, Las Vegas, and Youngstown Ohio. 

  • Richard Kolanda, a former officer and director of Freedom Ranch made free distributions of two key books each to at least one hundred correctional facilities in the eastern United States.

  • Our President Richard G. Burns is an active member of COPE (Coalition of Prison Evangelists).  His work is registered with that organization and various ministries have been contacted to widen the scope of distributions.

  • In a mid-2006 trip to Washington, D.C., Richard G. Burns and Rev. Ken Burns met with the President and CEO of Prison Ministries International as a prelude to addresses to their conference in 2007 and to coordinate our outreach through the organization and its contacts.


What We Plan


  • Tax deductible donations will be sought from the foregoing benefactors and from the greatly enlarged group of additional new benefactors to enable continuation of the foregoing outreach, not only in Hawaii but also in Federal and State correctional facilities across the United States.

  • As additional donations are received the Prison Ministry Outreach will be expanded to include website teaching, training of faith-based outreach leaders, and distribution of audio, video, CD, and newsprint informational guides. 

  • To reach a wide number of State, Federal, Military, and misc. correctional institutions, we will be distributing our books and classroom materials using the Coalition of Prison Evangelists Prison Directory, 2005.  Also, Prisoners Note Book from Shiloh Press.  Also, resources and suggestions from COPE's, Effective Jail and Prison Ministry for the 21st Century, 1998. 










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