Our Websites Yesterday and Today

The first site

Our earlier focus was adopting a mission statement, founding an actual recovery ranch program called Freedom Ranch Maui, and conducting a survey for teaching purposes of comparative success rates among born again Christians as contrasted to programs not so focused.  The idea of starting with an actual ranch with resident students has given place to a much broader vision.

This new site (,

We decided to focus directly on curing the terrible curse of alcoholism and addiction exactly where it lies—with the new people just entering recovery or treatment or 12 Step groups.

This new site is directed at telling you how to bring to the still suffering alcoholic or addict the priceless cures in the Alcoholics Anonymous Christian Fellowship program developed in Akron between 1935 and 1938.

This will be done primarily through online teaching and education that will be available to teachers, facilitators, counselors, clergy, medical practitioners, and most assuredly the newly afflicted alcoholics and addicts and their families who seek direct help through the ever-expanding Internet Super Highway. In addition, this will be done through media outreach on radio, television, press, CD’s, and instructional films.  Later, we hope, some of our work will be done through core classes on the island of Maui, which will train and certify qualified students, who want to revive the successes achieved through reliance on Yahweh our Creator and the Lord Jesus Christ.





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