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Educational Projects

Freedom Ranch Maui has a vast reservoir of educational materials on early A.A.'s spiritual history and astonishing successes.  Author Dick B., our President, assembled over twenty three thousand books, articles, pamphlets, and other materials related to each and everyone of the spiritual origins, roots, programs, and principles used in the unique spiritual program of Alcoholics Anonymous and later by other 12 Step and Self-Help groups.  Most of these historical materials were first used by Dick B. in the research analysis writing publication and dissemination of his 25 published titles, over 60 articles, and many Internet postings.  Most of those materials which were praised at a value in excess of $600,000 for acquired and donated by benefactors to such permanent repositories as the Griffith House Library in East Dorsett Vermont; Calvary Episcopal Church Shoemaker Room in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania; and Saint Paul's Episcopal Church (The Church of which the A.A. co-founder Dr. Bob Smith was a communicant).  It is anticipated that as funds are received, most of the historical materials in these libraries will be scanned and placed on the Internet to enable teaching, learning, and studying of the history of early Alcoholics Anonymous free of charge. 



The Educational Program 


As is the case with every Freedom ranch Maui project, the educational school program is aimed at directly reaching individual alcoholics and addicts and groups of alcoholics and addicts who still suffer.  In other words, Freedom Ranch Maui does not intend to establish any rehabilitation, treatment, recovery, or therapeutic centers.  It intends to reach the patients or clients of those facilities, the inmates of prisons, the members of 12 Step and Self-Help groups directly with the message of how early A.A.'s were cured and how today's still suffering people can be cured by the same means as the original program.  this means designing and teaching materials that will teach leaders, facilitators, counselors, therapists, and programs exactly how to present and inculcate the early A.A. ideas and history to the end of terminating or reducing today's "Any god," "Pseudo-spirituality,"  "Meetings," and Psychiatric babble that have produced the lowest conceivable percentage of recoveries imaginable.



(Online Distance Teaching and Learning)



Perhaps the greatest abyss in today's efforts to prevent and treat alcoholism and addiction is in the lack of properly informed and trained teachers, group leaders, and groups themselves in the area of the Internet.  While historical, scientific, medical, treatment, and directories pertaining to alcoholism and addiction are abundant in number, none that we know of is focused on telling the newcomer the exact simple, totally effective program of cure that was developed in Pioneer Akron A.A. and summarized in seven simple points by A.A. trustee to be Frank Amos to John D. Rockefeller Jr.  It was that program, and that program alone that produced or catalyzed the 75% to 93% success rates needed and admired in early A.A. miracles.  We believe that all of today's restrictive and rigid efforts to ignore and deprive newcomers of the vital biblical principles and practices of the early A.A. Christian Fellowship will vanish in the light of free access to Internet information technology.  It is the Freedom Ranch Maui therefore intends to place its first educational emphasis on Online Distance teaching and learning through its own and a great many other websites free of charge, open to all, and unrestricted in content.  You will find below two illustrative examples of teaching materials that will be used in the future along with many yet to be prepared. 



Textbooks and Resource Materials



Teachings have been, are being, and will be prepared as specific guides to leaders, sponsors, and newcomers in the following areas among others:


  1. The original Christian Fellowship program of the forty A.A. Pioneer's in A.A. Group Number One in Akron Ohio.  Instructional materials will be provided the following textbooks will be used and made available: (a) The James Club, and the Original Programs Absolute Essentials; (b) When Early A.A.'s Were Cured and Why; (c) Why Early A.A.'s Succeeded; (d) The Good Book and the Big Book: A.A.'s Roots and the Bible.

  2. Our A.A. Legacy to the Faith Community: A Twelve-Step Guide for Those Who Want to Believe.  This carefully prepared instructional guidebook tells individual newcomers and group leaders exactly how A.A. Pioneer Clarence Synder took newcomers  through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Synder gave due inappropriate teaching and emphasis to A.A.'s Big Book, the Bible, and the Oxford Group's Four Absolutes.  It was this basic program that achieved a 93% success rate among Cleveland A.A.'s.

  3. Twelve Steps for You: Take the Twelve Steps with the Big Book, A.A. History, and the Good Book at Your Side.  This recovery source guides sponsor's, clergy, counselor's, and those wanting accurate help from the real biblical basic Oxford Group principles and practices, and the Big Book which incorporated them. 

  4. A.A.'s Big Book - Both of which are presently published online free of charge.

  5. Several simple, brief pamphlets and cards will be prepared to show individual newcomers the tools for daily reliance on their Creator and living Christian principles.

  6. We will be preparing an actual classroom curriculum for classes to be held at headquarters in Kihei, Maui, and these will probably include the following categories with appropriate texts: (a) A summary of A.A. History, which will introduce leaders and teachers to effective methods for passing on History to the newcomer, (b) A guidebook as to how to make A.A. History count for leaders and newcomers, (c) Studying the original A.A. program in Akron, (d) Studying a Big Book Study Guide such as that authored by "Joe and Charlie," (e) Taking the Steps with the Big Book, the Bible, and our History sources at your side.


Additional Media Resources







  • Cornerstone Television (Christian Television Series)

  • Hawaii Community Television (all islands) – 30 one-hour broadcasted program presentations

Radio Talks:

  • Radio talk shows, news interviews, specials [Christian and secular]

News Media:

  • Interviews

  • Press releases

  • Journal articles

  • Columns

Audio/Video Tapes:



  • Open Ended

Intern Training:

  • Maui Community Television Network

  • Websites mentioned above

  • Class and individual instruction at headquarters in Maui

Prospective Collaborative Partnerships:

  • Cornerstone Television Network, Pennsylvania

  • Jean LaCour, PhD, Dean, Net Training Institute, Orlando, Florida

  • Bill Pitman, Author, Publisher, Former Director of Historical Information at Hazelden Foundation


  • AHA (American Historical Association)

  • ATHG (Alcohol and Drugs History Society

  • COPE (Coalition of Prison Evangelists)

  • CAPS (Christian Association for Psychological Studies)

  • AMERSA (Association for Medical Education & Research in Substance Abuse)

  • RSA (Research Society on Alcoholism)

  • ISAAC (International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition)

  • AKAKU (Community Television Network of Hawaii)

  • N.E.T. Ministries

  • AHHAP (Assn of Halfway House Alcoholism Programs of North America, Inc.)



Schools, Classes, and Individual teaching




Classes on the Bible and A.A. History and spiritual roots have long been conducted by staff members Dick B. and Rev. Ken Burns on Maui.  They have been and will continue to be conducted at 2000 Paulele Place, Kihei, HI and 2695 South Kihei Rd., Unit 10-115, Kihei, HI.  Biblical materials, A.A. materials, and A.A. History materials such as those mentioned above are used in the classes.  Individual instruction is given by staff members and will be expanded.




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